Elementary School Project

スクリーンショット 2016-05-10 13.16.40Yokosuka Gakuin Elementary School’s open school is coming on 14th May, 9:30am. If you are interested in enrolling your child into Japanese Elementary School, please feel free to contact us (YBS).


YBS is here to help your child enroll the elementary school and we will support and Japanese education and the elementary school life in Japan with bilingual staff and Japanese education.


From 2017 April, Yokosuka Gakuin Elementary School will accept American students. They are the Japanese Private Elementary School and they follow with Japanese curriculums.


Yokosuka Gakuin Elementary School provides… * Japanese Lessons to follow the curriculum and school life * Bilingual Assistants to support the students and the parents


Feel free to contact YBS:) 046-884-9367 info@ybschool.jp 080-7005-0555

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